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Water treatment for the food industry

Any enterprise use water, although especially strict water quality standards can be met in food industry enterprises. Since it’s a key element of manufactured products, water plays an integral role.

Water quality and its composition have a straight impact on product taste, physical and chemical indicators, and microbial attributes. However, required water indicators significantly differ at each food-industry direction enterprise owing to the peculiarity of technological process and the recipe of each product.

We offer water filtering equipment for any kind of enterprise: water production, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages enterprises, breweries, distilleries, canned food and baby food production enterprises, bakeries and bakery plants, dairies, meat processing plants, etc.

water treatment for food industry

Top-requested water treatment technologies used in the food industry include: reverse osmosis technology; ultrafiltration technology; microfiltration technology; water sorption; softening water technology; water deferrization. 

The technological scheme of equipment should be designed on a one-to-one basis for each specific case considering the initial water indicators, required indicators for treated water, required equipment performance, and all individual parameters.

To provide the most efficient solution, our experts manage a number of laboratory tests, if needed.

Custom-tailored design of equipment enables reaching the peak performance efficiency of the created system thereby reducing further operating costs of the enterprise.

Also, individual 3D modeling helps us to manufacture equipment considering individual dimensions requirements, frequently encountered during enterprises’ expansion.

Examples of performed facilities:

pressure sensors of reverse osmosis system
deferrization and demanganization system I-REM by Litech Aqua on food enterprise
high-performance reverse osmosis system by Litech Aqua on food enterprise


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