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Water treatment for housing development

Town dwellers, locals of gated-community, settlements, or out-settlements as one require purified and high-quality water. Big cities are fed by local water utilities with halfway predictable water composition and quality, although in fact, it may deeply differ due to location and condition of facilities and municipal networks. 

As a water-supply resource, housing communities and small towns use mostly water wells and rarely surface sources. Water received from such sources doesn’t meet the required quality of drinking- and general-purpose water. Oftentimes, some chemical and bacteriological quality standard indicators exceed tenfold

water treatment for cottage villages
water treatment for apartment buildings

There’s no one-stop solution for water conditioning, especially speaking of high-performance systems. Proper water treatment requires careful equipment selection based on source water analysis.

The selection of water-treatment equipment should consider equipment efficiency evaluation. Some gated communities need water strictly for bathrooms and drinking, while others additionally need it for swimming pools and territory irrigation. In some settlements, people live all year around, while others are settled just seasonally, mainly for the warm season thereby reducing water consumption in winter. Individual attention to such details enables properly selecting both equipment and reserve capacity if needed.


Equally important issue for the future water consumers lies in operating equipment cost. It’s not only about the cyclic replacement of filter elements but the cost and volume of required reagents. Sometimes needed filtering results can be achieved by using various equipment under the same initial data. Thus our experts make calculations of alternative technological schemes with estimated operating costs for each of them so the customer could select the appropriate one.


One of the key factor when selecting water treatment equipment lies in the fact that most of gated communities has no permanent specialized staff for equipment maintenance.

Thus, the highly automated equipment should be considered above the others.

To manage such issues, our experts have designed a remote dispatching system

This option can be implemented in several ways:


1. Information from equipment control systems transfers to a computer of the managing company/property management agency or other servicing unit of this settlement to monitor performance state and modes and enable prompt emergency response.

2. Data from equipment control systems transfers to our experts who monitor, analyze, and correct system performance if needed. This process significantly saves money on the service team's visits to the facility.

Technological schemes of water treatment equipment for settlements, housing communities, and towns may include the following filtration systems:

  1. Integrated water treatment
  2. Reverse osmosis system
  3. Deferrization and demanganation
  4. Water softening
  5. Sorption (carbon filters)
  6. Ultrafiltration water systems
  7. Ultraviolet water disinfection, etc.

Examples of performed facilities:

pressure sensors of reverse osmosis system
iron removal and demanganization system I-REM from Litech Aqua
high quality reverse osmosis installation on a single stainless frame


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