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Water bottling points


water selling is a relevant business with small investments

Spread water pollution and improper water filtration by municipal services make a lot of people buy drinking water.

The drinking water business gains attractiveness every year due to the constant growth of the sales market.

Water is a prime necessity, so the drinking water business is about to stay spot-on at all times.

Litech Aqua LLC offers water filtering equipment of any capacity and modification: from turnkey water-filtering business points to high-capacity production lines.


ATTENTION! We design a unique technological solution to meet all your requirements, ideas, and opportunities!

The correct qualified equipment selection including individual parameters and water analysis intended to use for filtering affects the whole of your future business. It affects:

- prepared water quality;

- quality and continuous and trouble-free performance of equipment;

- equipment appearance;

- capital outlays of business start:

- the cost of reagents and consumables directly affecting the water cost.

cooperation with Litech Aqua - a good start for a profitable business with the sale of purified water

Feedback from our clients:


Custom-designed technological scheme of equipment:

Our processor engineer designs schematic filtering and manufacturing water system considering custom-designed parameters and goals (like water analysis, movement specificity, distribution pipelines, expectations on water types and composition, etc.). There’s no one fits all solution for water filtering, just as there’s no cure-all panacea for health. A wrong technological scheme may cost the whole product quality and the businessman’s wallet.

3D modeling

Each installation is 3D modeled. It helps to choose densely and beautiful placement for equipment in any room. In case of space limitations, our specialists design unique water treatment systems for specified dimensions.


No manual control valves. Our equipment is high-grade automated requiring no personnel interference. 

All-included warranty

Besides standard equipment warranty, our customers are provided with installation work warranty.


After performing start-up and adjustment work, our experts provide instructions on how to operate the equipment, including performance charts. 

Stainless equipment frame

The heart of any water treatment system for water filtering or bottling point lies in a steel-framed reverse osmosis system. To design this product, we use only stainless steel, which is substantial since installation constantly contacts the water. Only stainless steel guarantees rust-proofing and maintains perfect equipment appearance so that after 10 years of performance it will look the same as on the day of purchase.

Certified quality

We manufacture equipment using exclusively high-quality, time-proved components from leading world manufacturers (USA, Japan, Italy). Every piece of equipment is supplemented with a package of hygienic conclusions for components.

Availability of consumables and materials

A large assortment of consumables and materials is available. Our customers get everything they need quickly and profitably.


Maintenance service

The best expert team in water-treatment maintenance equipped with a set of tools and materials arrives on a service car to any point in Ukraine, performing more than service work. 

Favorable prices

Since our customers work directly with equipment manufacturer, they get the best prices on the market.

Examples of performed facilities:

example of performed facilitiy by Litech Aqua
high quality reverse osmosis installation on a single stainless frame
high-performance reverse osmosis system by Litech Aqua


высококачественная установка обратного осмоса на нержавеющей раме
высокопроизводительный обратный осмос от компании Литек Аква


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