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Industrial water treatment

Litech Aqua produces a wide range of industrial water treatment equipment

Enterprise operating without water usage is hardly possible since it performs a specific function at any enterprise. It can be used as an integral part of a product for one production facility, as a heating systems element for another one, and as a parts washer at another place. Some facilities require returning of purified water to the process entrance, while other ones, like electronics manufacturers, required ultra-pure water. Hence, each specific case and facility has individual requirements for the treated water quality.

Industrial-purpose water treatment is about a set of works, services, technologies, and equipment designed to meet the need of industrial facilities, factories, and plants with high-purified water.

The development of process flow design for water treatment equipment begins with water analysis and clarification of requirement specifications. If a facility has water treatment equipment, we can audit it for possible further usage in the project in full or partially.

Depending on the goals, the following equipment can be used for the process flow design of industrial-purpose water treatment:

Mechanical filters: disc-, cartridge-, sand-types, filters with multimedia resin charge.

Ion exchange filters:water softening, complex ion exchange filters.

Deferrization and demanganization filters: special-purpose bulk filters – deironers, filters with aeration, etc.

Membrane water purification systems: reverse osmosisultrafiltrationmicrofiltration.

Electromembrane water purification systems: electrodeionizationelectrodialysis, electrolysis.

Water sterilization based on ultraviolet disinfectants and ozonizers.

Reagent-based water treatment.

example of performed facilities for industrial enterprises

One of the key drivers in industrial-purpose water treatment lies in maintenance costs amount to sustain the stable operation of equipment. Sometimes, the same water treatment issue can be solved in several different ways. In this case, our experts consider all the possible process flow designs, including consumables and reagents to provide customers with the best-suited and cost-effective solution.

Litech Aqua equipment can be designed with varying levels of automation, including fully automated systems with remote dispatching and SCADA connection features.

Also, our experts provide automation services for the existing operations of industrial enterprises.

Contact our company to receive:

Design of equipment process flow under water analysis, requirements specification, expectations on dimensions and other customized characteristics

Equipment from the manufacturer, including customized equipment by request.

3D modeling of equipment upon all the expectations on dimensions and design, including arrangement plan and visualization.

Equipment delivery anywhere in the world

Full set of documents, including completed equipment export documents

Training of your personnel to operate with the equipment

Permanent information support

Various hook-up and start-up options, from a turnkey basis to remote installation supervision via video conferencing


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