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Filtration, wine clarification

Please, find below the exceptional wine purification technology – CFM Wine. Used for wine filtration, CFM Wine filters operate based on tangential microfiltration

CFM Wine unit foundation implies own-produced membranes. Key distinguishing features of these membranes lie in separate membrane fibers composition. If the membrane failures, it requires only damaged fiber replacement, thereby making filtration wine membranes semi-perpetual.

Membranes are selected under a micron rating from 0.2 to 15 microns based on the winery’s task feature for wine purification.

The equipment frame and membrane holder are made of stainless steel, while the piping is made of PVC or stainless steel, upon the customer’s request.

This wine filtration system is fully automated with software developed by leading IT experts in Ukraine.

filtration, wine clarification

Wine clarification

Wine clarification is processed by powdered activated carbon with further filtration on the CFM Wine unit.

CFM Wine fully filters out activated carbon residues. The clarification level is adjustable according to the task. Technology enables wine purification at every level, up to full discoloration.

We also provide sample test filtration service to select the best-performing and cost-effective wine filtration technology for customers. Samples for test implying raw product are provided by the customer. Hence, our customers receive a guaranteed result of any complexity wine purification on their wine sample before purchasing equipment.

The customer is enabled to try various filtering methods, evaluate the result visually and request any laboratory tests if needed. The volume of a filtration-purpose test sample is agreed upon individually.

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