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Filtration of galvanic production fluids

Based on performance specification for the purification of galvanic solutions and galvanic waste waters our company offers several solutions to apply both separately and as part of the overall process scheme:

  • Tangential microfiltration or vacuum microfiltration is recommended to remove suspended and colloidal impurities from galvanic production fluids.
  • Electrodialysis is used for cations/anions separation and saline solution neutralization.
  • Saline solution can also be treated with reagents to precipitate salt hydroxides. After salt precipitation, water can be discharged into the drain or filtered for later reuse.
Each piece of equipment is designed upon custom-made request with detailed technical specification. Performance of galvanic waste waters purification can vary.
purification of galvanic solutions and galvanic waste waters

We also offer a special service: test filtration of a sample from your production facility using our equipment.

Thereby customers can try various filtering methods, visually assess the results and run laboratory tests, if needed. The volume of a filtration-purpose test sample is agreed individually.

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