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Fermented-juice-based production of water-alcohol mixture

In some cases, naturally fermented juice instead of a water-alcohol mixture is economically feasible to use as a base of low-alcohol beverage production. Apple cider or other fermented types of fruit can be used as fermented juice. Substitution of alcohol mixture for fermented juice base in low-alcohol beverages can reduce the final product cost.

However, the refusal of a water-alcohol mixture has its limitations. As known, this kind of mixture is colorless and odorless when compared to fruit fermentation products. Flavor and color may significantly affect the taste and color of finished products thereby causing unwanted issues.

For example, if you want to make a low-alcohol, strawberry-flavored drink from apple cider, then due to its apple-like strong taste and yellow color there’s no way to reach the “correct” strawberry-taste drink by adding flavor and color additives.

microfiltration of fermented juices to obtain a high-quality product

Successful replacement of water-alcohol mixture on fermented juice requires its full purification from extra flavors, odors, and color. It can be reached with activated-carbon-based sorption, although there’s a lot of ins and outs. Due to its high cost, using granular activated carbon increases the cost of the purified base. Powdered activated carbon is really hard to separate from the fluid after sorption, while its impurities sour the taste and appearance of the drink base. Even fully transparent and filtered from powdered carbon bases may have specific flavors left from the presence of activated carbon traces.

LITECH AQUA offers unique two-step technology for fermented juice purification from sweetness, odors, and color. This technology is based on powdered-activated-carbon base sorption, with its further filtration on a special microfiltration membrane. This method results in a high-quality water-alcohol base from almost any fermented juice.

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