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Washing and restoration of reverse osmosis membranes

During operation, reverse osmosis membranes lose their initial performance, which affects the quality of water purification. Optimizing the service life of the reverse osmosis membrane and its resource is achieved through regular washing of the reverse osmosis membrane. Effective restoration of a reverse osmosis membrane is possible through the use of specialized chemical reagents.

Washing the reverse osmosis filter (membrane) is necessary to remove deposits that accumulate during operation. The frequency of replacing the reverse osmosis membrane depends on many factors, including the quality of the source water and the intensity of use of the system. However, chemical cleaning of membranes can significantly extend their service life.

Reverse osmosis systems can be equipped with an automatic CIP washing system already at the production stage. If your system does not have such a function, alternative methods of washing the reverse osmosis membrane are possible:

  1. The membranes can be sent to us and we will chemically wash the membranes at our production facilities.
  2. Our company’s specialists can travel with a mobile set of equipment and a set of reagents at the customer’s capacity and perform chemical washing of membranes directly at the customer’s production site.
промывка и восстановление мембран обратного осмоса

We should not forget about the shelf life of the reverse osmosis membrane, since even without use, the membrane materials are subject to aging. To ensure the longevity and stable operation of the reverse osmosis system, it is important to regularly flush the reverse osmosis system, as well as carefully monitor the condition of the membranes and replace them in a timely manner.

The effectiveness of chemical washing of membranes directly depends on the degree of their contamination and the time of operation with loss of productivity. Restoring the performance of membranes whose performance has decreased by 10-15% is much easier than those that have experienced losses of more than 30%. Therefore, regular cleaning of membranes is key to their long-term and efficient operation.

Acid and alkaline washing or a combination of them can be performed in a certain order, depending on the type of contamination of the membrane elements.

For consultation or ordering a chemical cleaning service for reverse osmosis membranes of standard sizes 4040 and 8040, please contact. We are ready to offer you comprehensive solutions to keep your reverse osmosis system in optimal condition.

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