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Water softening

We all faced hard water issues.

The water softening problem is especially acute both for heating water processes at enterprises and household usage for each individual.

Hard water implies water with high Сa and Mg hardness salts content.

A favorable measure of daily water hardness consumption for humans ranges from 0.5-3 milligrams equivalent/dm3 but both in main and bore water this measure usually comprises 5-8 milligrams equivalent/dm3 and sometimes even 10 milligrams equivalent/dm3.

Hence, this kind of water requires special treatment before its usage for industrial or household purposes.

List of issues caused by water hardness:

  • Pipes obstruction;
  • Scale in boilers, kettles, washing machines, and water heaters;
  • Deposit on plumbing fixtures and their failure;
  • Deposit on walls and bottom of the pool deck, hot tub, and pool cover;
  • Raised detergent consumption and wear of fabrics when washing;
  • The deposition of hardness salts in heat exchange equipment and cooling devices results in a sharp decrease in heat transfer index and increased fuel consumption with its further failure.
  • Bathing in hard water leaves deposits on the hair and skin, making a rigidity feel. Allergy individuals may face dried skin and dermal irritation.

One of the best-known and top-requested water softening routes is ion exchange.

How is the filtration process performed?

Water enters the filter housing, and passes through the layer of ion-exchange resin charge, thereby performing ion exchange, which implies a chemical ion exchange reaction. During this process, calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by sodium ions. The exchange properties of the resin charge are restored by backwashing/reprocessing with a salt solution. Backwashing and resin loosening are performed by control valve.

Softer system for water softening by Litech Aqua

The ion-exchange-based water softening system consists of:

  • Filter housing, representing cylinder or several housings/cylinders for high-capacity industrial installations. Numerous housings are also used in continuously operating water-softening systems. The cylinder is filled with resin charge (ion-exchange resin).
  • A control valve, equipped with a counter, providing automatic reprocessing (backwashing) of the system under the imposed program. Periodicity/frequency of reprocessing (backwashing) is defined by input water quality, the required volume of purified water and is estimated during system launching. Water softening systems offered by Litech Aqua are equipped with control valves from the top world manufacturers, such as Clack (USA) or General Electric (USA).
  • Installation unit also includes a salt tank for pouring pelleted salt, which is a permanent consumable for ion-exchange water softening systems.

Water softening systems Softer from LitechAqua represents an efficient ion-exchange filter designed to soften domestic, commercial, and industrial water.

As a filtering element, the Softer water softener uses a high-quality food cation-exchange resin.

Operations are fully automated, except for only action required from the user – filling the salt tank with salt pellets.


In some process routes, like the neutralization of hardness salts before reverse osmosis systems, the dosage of a specialized reagent, an antiscalant, can be used as an alternative to ion exchange. The selection of hardness salts neutralization methods is based on technical requirements and influent water quality. If several methods are applicable within a single facility without changing water quality, our experts perform several options for customers. Estimated expenditure for reagents and consumables, which usually defines the choice of hardness salts neutralization method in an individual case, can be calculated based on water analysis and intended water consumption mode.

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