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Sorption filters

activated carbon is the basis of the sorption process

Sorption filters (Carbon columns) are used to purify water from residual chlorine, chlorine compounds, and dissolved gases, including organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia in specific concentrations.

These impurities greatly affect the following organoleptic water properties:

  • smell;
  • taste;
  • color;
  • turbidity;
  • foamability;
  • film-formation.

Sorption filtration improves the taste, and color of purified water, also removing off-flavor and organic compounds, which adversely impact equipment installed behind the sorption filter.

The sorption water purification system consists of a filter housing (cylinder) (or several housings for high-capacity industrial installations). The system is controlled by a control valve. The sorption filtration systems offered by Litech Aqua are equipped with control valves from the top world manufacturers, such as Clack (USA) or General Electric (USA).


How is the filtration process performed?


Water enters the filter housing, and passes through the filter layer of the sorption resin charge, performing sorption operation (absorption of water impurities by the porous surface of activated carbon granules). Besides, the control valve provides sorbent backwashing and loosening, important for preventing compression of resin charge and aggravation of its filtering properties.

The frequency of washing depends on the amount and quality of water passed through the sorption filter. Hence, sorption-layer water purification alternates with short stages of carbon washing and paused water purification during this operation. Continuously operating sorption systems are used when uninterrupted water supply operation is required. Their functional conception implies the sequential operation of parallel-installed housings with sorption charge, so when the sorption layer in one housing is loosened, the other housings perform water purification mode.


Asorb sorption system by Litech Aqua

Modern carbon backfills characterize by high mechanical durability and fatigue resistance to a large number of washing cycles. Hence, the backfill service life is usually represented by its sorption capacity regarding the number of substances absorbed by carbon pores. The concentration of these substances and their absorption by carbon also determine the linear speed of water passage through the sorption filter. For high concentrations of substances sorbed in water or slow absorption speed, the water flow through the filter should be low. For the low amount of sorbed substances and their active absorption, the calculated flow speed may be higher. Hence, the same sorption filter may have different capacities, depending on the quality of water supplied for filtration.

The product variety of Litech Aqua includes sorption filters for domestic and industrial use, both available to be designed with a different level of automation upon customer request.

Sorption filter and its performance selection depends on many conditions and indicators (field of water application, average daily water consumption, required pressure, operating pressure, water temperature, and others).

Our experts will do their best to assist you in choosing a water filtration system upon your request.



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