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Reverse osmosis

RO systems produced by Litech Aqua

Compared to various filtration tools, the reverse osmosis systems provide improved water purification.

Reverse osmosis implies water transition upon a certain pressure through a semi-permeable membrane from a highly-concentrated to a less-concentrated solution as reverse direction for osmosis.

The reverse osmosis membrane holds most of the dissolved substances. The filtration degree of the reverse osmosis membrane reaches 0.001-0.0001 microns, whose properties enable to purge of up to 99.8% impurities from water.

Industrial osmosis systems are applied in plenty of areas, including:

  • Water treatment for steam and hot water boilers preventing corrosion of condensate lines and increasing their efficiency.
  • Technology-purpose water treatment (beverage production, bottling of drinking and mineralized water, etc.).
  • Water treatment for manufacturing process with ultra-pure water (pharmaceuticals, metalworking, electroplating, powder painting, double-glazed units, textile industry, etc.).
  • Water treatment for irrigation and watering.
  • Water treatment for laundries and car washes. Demineralized water upon reverse osmosis prevents depositions, spots, and other signs of hardness scaling.
  • Desalination of the sea and brackish water.
  • High-salinity water purification for country houses, weekend houses, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Microelectronics-purpose water treatment with usually used two-stage reverse osmosis systems.

What are the operating peculiarities of the Litech Aqua Desolt reverse osmosis system?

A 1-micron barrier filter is mounted in front of the high-pressure pump in the reverse osmosis unit. A high-pressure pump rises the pressure, thereby delivering water to reverse osmosis membrane elements (spiral wound type). Upon reverse osmosis on semi-permeable membranes water stream separates into two directions. 1-2% of salts from feedwater pass through a less-concentrated stream (permeate), while a high-concentrated stream (concentrate) is discharged to the drain. The conductivity sensor measures the line permeate quality.

To manufacture industrial-purpose reverse osmosis systems, Litech Aqua uses ultra-high quality utilities from leading world manufacturers (TORAY membranes, LOWARA (Italy) pump).


Litech Aqua reverse osmosis system is made on a stainless-steel frame due to its apparent advantages under constant exposure to water compared to other metal-composed frames.


Litech Aqua equipment can be designed with varying levels of automation, including fully automated systems with remote dispatching and SCADA connection features.

Also, our experts provide automation services for the existing operations of industrial enterprises.

Additional options for standard equipment:

CIP system ports

The average service life of membrane elements reaches 3 years, although it can be essentially prolonged by washing with special reagents. CIP system ports are mounted for membranes on-site chemical washing.

Admixing assembly

Enables addition and control of source water admixture.

Dispatch module

A lot of water treatment facilities are defined by sophisticated specification control and operation diagnostic of water treatment systems. This may be a result of equipment placement in remote areas without water-treatment qualified personnel or whose personnel have no industry-specific knowledge, and also when a qualified employee is economically unviable.

These circumstances require remote control of water treatment equipment, thereby enabling prompt response to the operation peculiarities, preventing operation failures, and bringing fast issues solutions to occurred burdens in equipment performance.

reverse osmosis with a dispatch module

Standard control of the water treatment system requires monitoring by its maintenance personnel, including visual control and completion of equipment performance charts. Under remote equipment control performed by the controller, the presence of maintenance personnel can be minimized. Specifically designed SCADA software collects data, process it, and sends it to the server.

Hence, equipment control and diagnostics can be performed by the service expert of the company that manufactured and mounted this equipment, and not by an expert of the company using this equipment. Company service expert has greater experience and expertise in working with water treatment equipment, while constant data access enables more prompt response to operational changes and arising emergency situations.

We also manufacture two-stage reverse osmosis systems

and perform all types of reconstruction and maintenance of industrial-purpose reverse osmosis systems


Choosing our company, you receive:

A customized selection of reverse osmosis systems based on water analysis, technical specifications, dimensions, and other individual characteristics.

Assistance in composing overall process flow design and selection of supplementary equipment if required.

3D modeling of each system, considering all the customer expectations under dimensions, design, etc.


Equipment delivery anywhere in the world.

Full set of documents, including completed equipment export documents

Training of your personnel to operate with the equipment

Permanent information support

Various hook-up and start-up options, from a turnkey basis to remote installation supervision via video conferencing



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