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high-quality electrodialysis system by Litech Aqua


Electrodialysis is an electro membrane process in which ions are transported across a semi-permeable membrane under the action of an electric field.

An electrodialysis apparatus consists of a combination of chambers separated by cation-, anion-exchange membranes or bipolar membranes. Each membrane allows ions with a particular charge to pass through.

Thus, the electrodialysis process concentrates ions of dissolved substances in some chambers, while others concentrate the liquid purified from these ions.


Electrodialysis has many advantages over other membrane methods for the treatment of liquids. Since the electrodialysis process does not pass through the membrane all the liquid, but only the ions to be removed, the degree of extraction of clean water or liquid (depending on the specification) reaches 90-99%.

This fact makes the electrodialysis process much more efficient and economical. It makes electrodialysis all the more feasible when the use of fresh water is limited or to save the use of such a resource.

Another significant advantage of electrodialysis is the fact that the membranes of this apparatus are resistant to active chlorine in higher concentrations than in baromembrane desalination plants. It is essential in particular industrial processes.

The electrodialysis method is effectively used for:

- Desalination of seawater for potable or processed water

- desalting of liquids containing radioactive elements

- Desalination of wastewater from electroplating plants

- extraction and concentration of valuable inorganic components from wastewater

- demineralisation of milk whey

- demineralisation of raw glycerine

- Alkaline hydrolysis reactions

- Extraction and recovery of acids and bases from wastewater after reduction of ion exchange resins

- Removal of tartrates from wine and juice products, pH stabilisation

- Purification of pharmaceutical substances

- desalting of solutions containing organic substances

- production of solutions for killing gas and oil wells

We offer the design and manufacture of electrodialysis plants for all applications, tailored to all individual values and requirements. We also provide laboratory studies on the application of electrodialysis and other technologies in your production.



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