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Complex treatment

The Multic comprehensive (integrated) water treatment system is used for water purification in domestic, commercial, and industrial water treatment:

Multic outperforms the following operations:

  • Water softening (removal of hardness salts);
  • Water deferrization;
  • Demanganization;
  • Ammonium removal;
  • Water purification from nitrates and nitrites.

Following a specific selection and mixture of ion-exchange materials, this system outperforms two-three ones. One filter contains a softener, iron remover, and organic absorber.

An integrated water purification system is selected individually under the water analysis and engineering challenges (average daily consumption, water consumption schedule, required outlet pressure, central or autonomous sewage, and others).

How is the filtration process performed?

Water enters the filter housing, and passes through the layer of resin charge. The exchange properties of the charge are restored under its backwashing/reprocessing by salt solution, performed by a control valve.

Multic system for complex water treatment by Litech Aqua

Multic system consists of:

Filter housing representing cylinder or several housings/cylinders for high-capacity industrial installations. Several housings are also used in continuously operating water-softening systems. The cylinder is filled with resin charge.

A control valve equipped with a counter, providing automatic reprocessing (backwashing) of the system under the imposed program. Periodicity/frequency of reprocessing (backwashing) is defined by input water quality, the required volume of purified water and is estimated during system launching. Water softening systems offered by Litech Aqua are equipped with control valves from the top world manufacturers, such as Clack (USA) or General Electric (USA).

Installation unit also includes a salt tank for pouring pelleted salt.

Operations of Multic system are fully automated, except for only action required from the user – filling the salt tank with salt pellets.

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